Senin, 12 Januari 2009

Explain video Do You Believe in Me?

Assignment 2

Do You Believe In Me?

This video describe about the oration by a child. The auditorium is very crowded. Then the moderator calling one of the candidate. And then applause from the audience is heard so noisy. He speak very loudly. He said “Do you believe in me?”, and then the audience answered “Yes!!” loudly too.
He persuade them to believe on what he said. He is a great boy.


Do You Believe In Me?

The video describe a boy who has named Dalton Sherman, he came from Charles Rice Learning Center. He believe in him. He ask “Do you believe in me?” He can stand up in there, fearless and talk to all of the audience. He can do anything, create anything, dream anything, become anything, because they believe in him.
He give a question to Dallas ISD, “Do you believe that us can graduate ready for college or the workplace?” Next week, he and Charles Rice Learning Center will come in their school and what he need from them is to believe that he can reach their highest potential.
He hope that they can believe in their colleagues. They came because they wanted to make a difference. Whether they are a counselor or a librarian or whatever, he persuade that he need them.
He persuade that they must believe in their self. He persuade that what they are doing is not just his generation but that of his children and his children’s children.
He persuade all of the students in Dallas, that we need you. We need them now more than ever. We need they, ladies and gentlemen, we need them to know that what they are doing is very important job in the city today.
He persuade again and again to the audience that he believe in him so they must believe in their self too.

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