Sabtu, 22 November 2008

How to Express Mathematics

A. Constraints

Definition : 1. Thing that limits or restricts something, or your freedom to do something

2. Strict control over the way you behave

Sentence : It seems that the unsuccessful of the project for promoting educational change in Indonesia due to the constraints such as the complexity of the educational environment.

B. Merely

Definition : only, simply

Sentence : The result of initiated Lesson Studies can be perceived as merely a starting point.

C. Arah jarum jam : Clock-wise

Definition : it is rotated to the right direction

Sentence : The point P(2,4) is rotated by 90 degrees a direction with the clock-wise.

D. Fungsi tangga : Staircase function

Definition : The function that was defined by
= the biggest smaller integer or be the same as x

Sentence : Draw the staircase function curve of and find the continuitas function in !

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